Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank You

Today we had an author come and speak at our school. It was actually pretty good, and I was glad that my kids could see what you can do if you put your mind to it. During his speech he made all the kids turn around and thank their teachers because he never did. It made me realize that I will probably never win an award that will require an acceptance speech, so I made a list of people I should have thanked but never did:

1. Thank you to my parents for buying me a professional clarinet even though I wasn't that good and my dad had to give up his dream of owning a hot tub. My parents have always loved me for who I am forever grateful for that and so many other things they did for me.

2. My family for always being mostly rational. I never had to worry about them breaking into a fight over Thanksgiving dinner or beating up an innocent ice machine (that is for you dad).

3. All the teachers in my life who didn't treat me differently even though my dad was the principal.

4. Michael for taking me to my first formal. We were just friends but he didn't make an announcement to everyone at the door so they didn't have to know.

5. Jenny for always answering the phone and listening to me complain about pretty much anything, and Blake for being Tyler's best friend.

6. My grandparents for taking me and my cousin on summer vacations to places that most children have never been, and watching every synchronized swimming routine.

7. Everyone who sent me a package in college, but never received a thank you note. Packages are the best!

8. Tyler for marrying me and continuing to put up with me.

9. Monday night TV for being awesome!

10. My tiny church family that I grew up with and always made me feel like I fit in even though I probably didn't.

11. My high school band director for showing me what it means to be a teacher

12. Everyone I work with who has become my family 8 hours away from my real family.

13. My grandparents for always meeting me half way to take me to their house for weeks in the summer. Those are some of my fondest memories.

14. Everyone who has loved me and cared for me that I did not mention on this list.

I am so blessed to have so many people that love me and have done things to make me who I am.

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